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Analytics and Privacy Podcast

Zacharias Voulgaris PhD

Have you ever wondered how analytics and privacy relate to each other? What their overlap is? If so, this podcast is for you. I am a professional data scientist with a knack for Cybersecurity. I've written several technical books on data science-related topics, have mentored data science & data analytics students for over five years, and have created several videos and mini-courses in this subject. Lately, I've branched out to Cybersecurity with a focus on privacy. For that, I've published three mini-courses on WintellectNow, for newcomers in this field. This podcast is the equivalent of a blog in these areas, with most episodes involving my insights on data analytics and privacy, often both. In a few episodes, I interview established professionals involved in data pipelines and have some skin in the game. With the average episode having the length of a typical commute, this podcast can be an audio companion on your way to work or during your jog. Also, I'm open to feedback and suggestions for new episodes, so feel free to contact me via my blog site: Cheers!